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Tanja Martinez

Original Acrylic Painting INSPIRE THOSE WHO COME NEXT

Original Acrylic Painting INSPIRE THOSE WHO COME NEXT

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"Inspire Those Who Come Next" is a testament to the boundless creativity that shapes the world. Vivid pink trees stretch towards the heavens, their branches weaving a tapestry of inspiration against a bold blue sky. The landscape, painted in bright orange and pink hues, creates a dynamic contrast that captivates the imagination. Loose and expressive brushstrokes define the scene, imbuing it with a sense of movement and spontaneity. "Inspire Those Who Come Next" is a visual call to embrace the vibrant spirit of wisdom and pass it on to future generations.

TITLE:  “Inspire Those Who Come Next:

SIZE: 8 x 8  x .75 inches

COLORS: Blues, oranges, pinks
MATERIALS: Acrylic paint on cradled wood panel. The piece is wired and ready to hang. The sides are painted. No frame is required.

CARE:  Always consider the placement of artwork in your collection.  Avoid areas of direct sunlight and humidity.

This is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art that is signed by the artist.

Copyright of work, including all reproduction rights in any form, are held by the artist, Tanja Martinez.

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