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Tanja Martinez

Original Acrylic Painting GROWTH THROUGH GIVING

Original Acrylic Painting GROWTH THROUGH GIVING

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"Growth Through Giving" captures the essence of benevolence and flourishing in a harmonious interplay of colors and textures. A tree, adorned in delicate pinks, stands as a symbol of generosity against a sky painted in greens and teal, embodying the interconnectedness of giving and growth. The intentional exposure of underlying layers through the removal of paint adds a captivating depth, symbolizing the intricate layers of growth that unfold through acts of kindness. "Growth Through Giving" is a visual narrative that celebrates the transformative power of generosity and the flourishing beauty that arises from it.


TITLE:  Growth Through Giving

SIZE: 14 H x11 W x 1.5 D inches

COLORS: Pinks, purples, dark green, lime green and teal
MATERIALS: Acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas. The piece is wired and ready to hang. The sides are painted. No frame is required.

CARE:  Always consider the placement of artwork in your collection.  Avoid areas of direct sunlight and humidity.

This is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art that is signed by the artist.

Copyright of work, including all reproduction rights in any form, are held by the artist, Tanja Martinez.

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